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Works at 시앙스포 파리, CNRS
Research Interest 정치사회학, 비교정치행태
e-mail mayernonna@gmail.com



         시앙스포 파리 유럽연구센터(CNRS) 명예연구원(Emeritus Director of Research) 

         PHD in Political Science (doctorat d'Etat), Institut d'études politiques, Paris



관련 연구


         Nonna Mayer. 2017. “From Left to Far Right: The Changing Electoral Impact of Social Insecurity in France (2012-2015).”

          Peace Studies 25(1): 155-186.

         Nonna Mayer. 2016. “Immigrants and Politics in France.” Minjok Yeonku 68: 44-61.