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Works at 미시간주립대학교 정치외교학과
Research Interest 비교정치, 정치제도, 정치경제
e-mail eric.cc.chang@gmail.com



미시간 주립대학교 정치외교학과 부교수

Ph.D., Political Science, UCLA



관련 연구


Eric C. C. Chang and Nicholas N. Kerr. 2017. “An Insider–Outsider Theory of Popular Tolerance for Corrupt Politicians.”

  Governance 30(1): 67-84.

Sung Min Han and Eric C. C. Chang. 2016. “Economic Inequality, Winner-Loser Gap, and Satisfaction with Democracy.”

  Electoral Studies 44: 85-97.

Eric C. C. Chang and Wen-Chin Wu. 2016. “Preferential Trade Agreements, Income Inequality, and Authoritarian Survival.”

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